STUDIO TIME* RATE: $70 per hour.
It applies to full and/or partial hours of scheduled and additional studio time before, during, and after the reserved time.
The rate includes audio service by our engineer, or our assistant if you bring your own engineer. If you are planning to use the Grand Piano, please see additional fee below.
VIDEO SERVICE RATE: Add $30 per hour of Studio Time for in-your-session video recording/editing service by our videographer, if requested in advance and available.


  • Buy a 6-hour session for the price of 5 hours: $350

  • Buy a 13-hour session for the price of 10 hours: $700

*STUDIO TIME includes (but is not limited to:) use of the studio for requested unattended work, coming in to the studio**, source placement, mic selection and placement, level-setting, tuning, monitor adjustment, test takes, going over the music, recording, listening to recordings, overdubbing, punching-in certain moments in the recording, editing, creating rough mix(es), preparing audio files that you may need in MP3 or WAV format, burning an audio CD, copying files to your external device either a flash drive and/or external hard-drive with enough gigabytes to copy the audio and/or video files you recorded/edited/mixed and/or mastered, and uploading or emailing files.
**Please let us know if you would like to schedule the engineer and studio to be available before your requested session time to receive early arrivals so we can add it to the schedule and adjust the bill.

Click on BOOKING REQUEST FORM below, or write to, or text/call 646-261-2570, to inquire about availability in our schedule for the hours you plan to book. A session has not been booked if we have not responded to your request with availability.
A 50% , non-refundable deposit is required within 24 hours after available time is originally requested via phone, email and/or booking page to confirm a session on the schedule.

It helps to have the following information ready when contacting us for scheduling: 

  • Dates and times that would work for you.

  • Number of hours you want to reserve.

  • Your tentative plan for the session: editing, mixing, mastering, audio and/or video recording, remote monitoring, live-streaming, etc..

  • Name of the person who will be scheduling/paying for the session(s) and taking the project data.

  • Are you planning to record several sources at the same time? If yes, please let us know the instruments and or number of voices.

  • If applicable to your session: Are you using the studio’s drum set? or are you bringing your own drum set?
    Are you using the acoustic grand piano (Yamaha G7)?*** If so, are you hiring a piano technician* for your session?

***If you’re using the Grand Piano, it is recommended that you hire a piano technician to check and balance the intonation for your recording. This is not a requirement, and you are welcome to use it as is on the day of your recording. If you choose to hire a piano technician, please let us know if you want us to book the one we regularly call or if you are bringing your own technician. The studio provides 1 hour before the session start time for the technician to go over the intonation of the piano. A Piano Technician can charge between $125 to $150 per visit for piano tuning.


  • If you must re-schedule, you have to notify the studio at least three days (72 hours) prior to your confirmed studio time. If not, the non-refundable deposit will be used as the cancellation fee.

  • If you cancel a session and do not re-schedule within 30 days of your cancellation, the non-refundable deposit/full payment will be used as a cancellation fee.

  • NEW: There is only one opportunity to re-schedule. Please make sure that you can in-fact use the opportunity when booking the re-scheduled studio time.

Partial or Full Payment only covers for Studio Time and related services but not for storage of recorded material, instruments or any other items. Please make sure that you take all your data and belongings with you.  If you leave anything, the studio is not responsible for any damages to or any loss of your data or belongings.

Allow time within each session to make a copy to your data storage device (i.e. CD, DVD, Hard-Drive, Flash-Drive, etc) of the latest version of the masters to take with you after each paid studio session. If you would like to save Studio Time during the backup process, please note that copying your files to USB "Thumb" or "Flash" Drives takes more Studio Time than copying files to USB or FireWire external Hard Disk Drives or Solid States Drives. If you do not bring any of these external storage media to copy your files into, please keep in mind that the option of burning Data DVD takes longer than any of the media mentioned above. If you want us to upload your files to Dropbox for you to download later, please keep in mind that the Upload Time is even longer than to any of the media mentioned above. With our current Internet service upload speeds, it has taken an average of about 48 (non-continuous) hours to upload 100 GB of data. Times may vary depending on many factors, including Internet traffic during the active upload time.
The studio may make-up paid Studio Time at Soundworks Recording Studio, only if material recorded at the studio is lost from the studio's drive during your Studio Time due to studio’s own technical issues or negligence.
The studio is not responsible for any other information in your storage device that may be lost at the studio due to studio's own technical issues. If you are bringing a storage device with data already on it, please make sure it already is backed up at your own location prior to traveling with it and bringing it to the studio.

The studio HIGHLY recommends you keep at least one up-to-date copy of all your masters, outside the studio, at all times. Data storage device manufacturers, data recovery specialists and data insurance companies insist that multiple backup copies of important data be kept in multiple locations at all times. They have said:

  • "Your data does not exist unless it is in at least two different places at all times."

  • "A hundred-dollar hard drive buys you thousands of dollars worth of insurance for your data (and invaluable time!)"

  • "Hard drives are machines and they die too. CDs and DVDs can get scratched. Tape can shred to pieces. Vinyl can scratch and bend. Flash memory can fail. Data can get corrupted. What can go wrong will go wrong but it won't hurt as much if you have another copy."

While involved in your project, the studio MAY keep an additional copy of your recorded material for added efficiency. However, the studio reserves the right to delete this additional copy of your recorded material at any time while, or after, your project is completed, without prior notice to you.

Soundworks Recording Studio does not claim ownership or any copyrights of content it is hired to work with via its audio and/or video services.  Soundworks Recording Studio is not responsible for obtaining licenses or permissions related to other people's work. It is your responsibility to register your original material, and clear up any distribution licenses and for-hire agreements for your recording.

CASH: To be handed in person to Sandra Y. Kratc or Kamilo Kratc. Your email address will be requested for your cash transaction receipt. Please communicate with us before passing by the studio to check if we are available to receive payment.
CHECK (Advanced payment only): Please make check payable to: SOUNDWORKS RECORDING STUDIO, LLC - Checks are considered "payment" once our bank has collected the funds written. If a check bounces, we will not accept it as payment, and a returned check $35 bank fee will be added to your invoice. As per IRS, if you pay more than $600 in Cash or Check, you need to provide a 1099-Misc before their annual deadline. 
If mailing your check, please address it to: Soundworks Recording Studio, Attention: Sandra Kratc, 38-01 23rd Avenue, Suite 303, Astoria, NY 11105
CREDIT/DEBIT CARD: We accept all credit or debit cards serviced by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. We can charge your card over the phone or in person at the studio. Your email address will be requested for your card transaction receipt.
PAYPAL: we need to send you an invoice to process a payment via Paypal, if we are unable to send you the invoice for any reason on our part, you will still get the Pre-Paid Block Package discount if we have agreed in advance.

All payments are non-refundable. See CANCELATION POLICY AND FEE for details
Please make a payment for a session ONLY after having first arranged a date and a time with us.
Payments DO NOT cover post-session storage of data, media, equipment or other materials.
We DO NOT sell storage services and should never have the only copy of your recorded material.

Rates and fees for work outside the studio vary depending on the time, distance, and technical requirements.


And now that we got that out of the way, more...

In order to keep focus and productivity up during your session, it is important to remember to hydrate and nourish the participants.
For short sessions -between three and five hours- it is recommended to bring small snacks, fruits and vegetables.
For sessions longer than five hours, a small meal break is recommended.
If all participate in the break, the meal time is discounted from the studio time up to thirty minutes per five hours. (It's OK to feed musicianengineers)
While there are plenty of delivery options, a short walk to a nearby restaurant can be arranged.
We have foldable tables and chairs that we can take out to a space in the hallway.
If the session allows, we can also eat inside the studio.
As a courtesy, we usually have: a room-temperature water filter, an assortment of teas, a water heater, a coffee grinder/maker (staff-operated upon request), paper cups, paper towels, sugar, and powdered coffee creamer.

Some of the nearby, frequently favored, food options:
Lunch Stop Deli (corner bodega) Phone: (718) 606-1934 Hours: 7AM–12AM
Corner Spot (coffee & pastries)
Brothers Taverna (Mediterranean)
Hong Kong House (Chinese Take Out) 
Alba's Pizza & Restaurant (Pizza and Italian restaurant)
Martha's Bakery (coffee & pastries)
SakuraHinoMaru Ramen (Japanese)
Los Amigos Restaurant (Authentic Mexican)

Sal, Kris & Charlie's Deli  "Sandwich King" Phone: (718) 278-9240 Hours:  5:30AM–8PM
No-frills, old-fashioned counter known for oversized Italian-style subs, plus basic groceries.

Another new favorite place where many clients pick up session food nearby:
Mediterranean Foods Supermarket

If you want to buy your own bread, condiments and cold cuts you can go to Trade Fair. They also have vegetables to make your own salad. International food store open round-the-clock, with a butcher, deli, bakery, produce,  a salad bar, and a wide selection of beers. TRADE FAIR SUPERMARKET Open 24 hours